Maybe* – Head of Marketing Consultancy B2B and B2C

Who is Maybe*

The Maybe* platform helps businesses use social media to sell.

They know that managing the conversation about your business, growing your audience, developing client relationships and delivering sales growth is not easy.

That’s why the Maybe* platform is not like any other social media management platforms. Rather than scheduling content, they provide access to conversations that your team can engage with to reach more customers and make more sales online and offline.

They collect social media data from over 3.4million businesses from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis and provide engagement, insight and reporting tools that enable clients to increase their sales via social media.

Maybe* platform users know on a daily basis:

👂 What are our customers saying?
❤️ How do our customers feel?
👫 Who is influencing their buying decisions?
😍 How can we engage them in our conversation?
🤔 What are our competitors saying?
📈 What is the impact of social media on our sales?
✅ And much more

Maybe* is a long term client.

What was the objective?

I act as Maybe* team’s Head Of Marketing therefore I work across their B2B and B2C campaigns, comms and strategies.

One of the larger pieces of work has been to help Maybe* launch a brand new product ‘Local Rewards’ to Shopping Centres, BIDs, Councils and Place Managers across the UK by creating a marketing strategy, B2B and B2C campaign to drive sign up.

Local Rewards, creates a live virtual High Street Guide for every shopper based on their location and rewards them for their High Street spend. It is intended to help regenerate the high street by rewarding shoppers for shopping locally and it allows the business or place to track real time sales bridging the gap between online and offline shopping.

It enables every shopper to see the content from the businesses in any town based on existing social media content and allows retailers to connect with shoppers when they are nearby. Uniquely, every purchase by a registered shopper in participating retailers reveals a live visual local guide to other nearby retailers.

I run weekly webinars for Maybe* where hundreds of businesses come on to learn more about how they can do better at social media and create more of a connection with customers. I interview businesses in places around the UK that are doing well on social media and pull out these learnings to create tangible, 10 step guides for businesses to follow to improve their own social media.

My job is to work with businesses, councils, shopping centres and agencies on behalf of Maybe* to help them connect better with their customers, position the Maybe* product in the right way to the right clients using my retail experience and then ensure that the post-sale launch in the town has the correct formula to drive uptake from customers and businesses.


I have worked with Maybe* throughout the pandemic to help businesses ‘sell through social’ which ultimately sells more of the the Maybe* product and much of my role has been helping bridge the gap between a fantastic piece of tech and the current needs/pain points of the end user.

I spearheaded the Implementation Plan for all BIDs, Councils, Agencies, Shopping Centres and Place Managers to not only embed the Maybe* product post sale into their town and businesses but to ensure that the launch is successful. This plan includes press releases, b2c and b2b messaging and communications guides, campaigns to drive consumer and business sign up, sample social media posts, creative assets which can be tailored for each place, email templates, guides on the product and a full social media training schedule for businesses. This plan solves the pain points of place managers who simply don’t have the time available and is a key element of the onboarding process.

Worked closely with individual places and driven sales for a number of towns across the UK.

Using my experience of the high street and retail industry I have worked with the Maybe* team to bridge the gap between the product and what the end user needs meaning that we can keep evolving, changing and be agile with content and strategy in a world of closures, furloughs, restrictions and lock downs. This has meant trialling various campaigns, training, changing webinars, changing messaging, adding in new methods of onboarding and essential to the growth of the company in the current climate.

I own a key areas of the funnel for Maybe* both pre-sale (webinars, content generation and strategy) and post-sale (using carefully curated content and processes to drive more businesses in a place to sign up to the platform, learn to sell well on social media which achieves the overall objective of high street regeneration).

Insert video of webinars? (i have popped it in the drive, might need to be branded up though) Local Rewards went live end of 2020 and launched across the UK.